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Inter-Body Signaling 

Intro and demonstration of interbody and intrabody signaling using simple electronics. The next step is to build a better filter design and then implenent some kind of communications protocol. There is interestng work in Japan over the implementation TCP/IP Body Area done by Koshiji, Fukuro, Shudo Takenaka, and Ken Sasaki. I'm going to start reading that paper now. 


Auto Ranging Nerfgun

Final project for ME405 Mechatronics at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, done by Roeurn Tourn, Stefan Längle , and Chris Nguyen. Camera guy stopped the recording before Chris started talking, sorry Chris!


 Sophmore Final project for CPE-229, assembly language programing with picoblaze on a Xilinx Nexys 2 board. We interfaced a homemade button grid and touch sentive Jello to make a Tic-Tac-Toe more interesting. details

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