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Hardware: This is where it gets real

The Sip-n-puff is a straw like device that a user can sip or puff into to controll the kayak. The SP controller takes these inputs and outputs a joystick like command to the main board dubed REV 2 Board. There are two main motors attached to the REV2 board: Main motor(forward and backward motor), and the direction motor(this turns the main motor left or right). 

Sesnor is mechanically connected to the main motor direction via bevel gears. The sensor its self is the IP67 pot listed in the decision matrix listed in the earlier post. 


The feed back board was just ordered from the Portland Dorkbot. The Feedback board takes in sensor data and returns the direction back tot he main board, it also display useful information back to the user via the display board. notice that the senor goes into infinite resistance towards the edges of its range. To keep the input line from floating a 1M ohm pull-up resistor was added to the input line. We calculated this effect on the sensor, the graph on the right displays the deviation from the datasheet in percents. We max out at 0.5% deviation from the datasheet, well within acceptable range. 



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