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Schematic is Done, and Boards are ordered! 

Main schematic and PCB layout has been accomplished. And the BOM (Bill of Materials) was built. Of course once ICs are selected, the support electronics have to be identified on the BOM as well. Everything took longer than I expected, but I’m done. Parts selection, schematic outline, and pattern design took 80% of my time. The actual layout was short in comparison.

I’ve built the NC Drill and Gerber files and uploaded them to Sunstone last night. The board and component cost were high. Two boards were ordered, with the required parts plus a 10%-30% overage totaled $571. Woo. This is of course version 0.1B. By making this board into an Arduino shield, with a PS/2 output, we can reduce cost by 60% or more.

In the mean time waiting for the boards to arrive, I’m going to tapping into the MFD ribbon cables with my logic analyzer.

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